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3 minutes to help change a nation...

Imagine if thousands of churches each pray for 3 minutes a week for a specific city in Iraq.

Imagine those prayers answered...

  • the violence can be ended
  • spiritual foundations laid for transformation
  • the nation and church can be rebuilt.

Will your church be one among these thousands?

This prayer initiative for Iraq comes out a word from the Lord and out of partnership with prayer leaders from many nations. Our desire is to see the church worldwide agree in prayer to see an end to the violence in Iraq. God loves the people of Iraq!

If we can see the nation of Iraq saturated with prayer from around the world, then we can see the forces of violence defeated. Our fight is not against flesh and blood.

Through this site your church can sign up to pray for a particular city in Iraq. Take a look at the various background and prayer pages that will inform your prayers.

Sign up To Pray Button We are happy for individuals to sign up, but we believe that there is greater authority in a whole church agreeing to pray regularly for a particular city, and we would encourage you to do this.


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